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Community Stories


The Sara Portman Community Fund not only helps with 2 spays/neuters weekly, but helps pets in our community get the medical care they need, even when their owners can't afford it.



We initially met West when his dad reached out for neuter assistance. Over a year later we heard back again from West's dad. West's health had taken a turn and he wanted help in deciding the next steps, as the vet bill would have been too much for his current financial situation.


Using the new funds for emergencies from the Sara Portman Community Fund, we were able to get West in with one of our partner vets for evaluation. In the end, West's condition was terminal, but we were able to supply pain medication while West and his dad enjoyed their final month together.


When it was time, we helped him safely cross the rainbow bridge.



Last month we received a call from Oreo's frantic parents. Oreo had slipped out and was hit by a car. Bleeding, and with obvious trauma, she was immediately scooped up by her parents and taken to a local vet for urgent care.


Due to lack of funds, Oreo was sent home without treatment or even pain medication. Distraught, Oreo's parents knew they would not be able to cover the expected final bill and they were referred to us for assistance.


When RPR received the call, we were able to vet the situation, approve funding, and offer immediate assistance. Oreo is now out of surgery and thriving. 

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