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Treat Stops


Add your business to the Wag-o-Ween route! 

 Joining as a Treat Stop is free!

The date has passed to add your business to the map, but you can still participate! Add your information below and a volunteer will bring you a Wag-o-Ween bone marker to place outside your business on Wag-o-Ween weekend!​

Wag-o-Ween treat stops are in both the Historic District and the Starland District.

Treat Stops

Your business does not have to be dog friendly. Plan to set up your trick-or-treat station out front or at your main entrance.

We encourage you to have water available, and to hand out treats, or leave treats at the door if staff is unavailable.


Feel free to get creative - costumes, special treats, in-store deals, and more!


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Be a Treat Stop

Add your Downtown or Starland business

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